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The e-commerce.

New site ready for comments


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My new site is now ready to launch but before I let the multitudes place orders, I would be grateful for comments from anyone who has a moment to look at it.


The site is live and you can place orders but these will not be delivered!!




Many thanks for taking the time to look and comment



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The site looks good to me, nice use of fixed width and colours.


There are a few tweaks you need to make, for instance the information box has a link to ALL_PRODUCTS_LIST, which needs formatting to be the same style as the other boxes.


Also, if i click on a category, the buy now buttons do not work.


Otherwise, nice job, looks great!

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It's fast, you obviously have done some optimising, also you have SEO URLs which is good.


Not keen on the mix of red and green.


Font sizes could be smaller on the home page.


When looking at the products the site stretches.


You need to install a mod to add meta tags for each product.


Oscommerce banner should go at the bottom (Remove the banner code if you're not going to use it.)


Logo is a bit dirty.


I couldn't find the breadcrumb to allow me to go "Home"

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Hey, I took a quick look. I suggest you reduce the font size of the text in the main body. It disrupts the flow of the page. Overall colors seem to fit. As stated previously, you need to sort out the ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK in the information box. The product pages need some work. Such as the Team Kits short sleeve, the page stretches to the left and I have to scroll to find the image. However, when I view all your other products the images appear behind your product descriptions, making the descriptions difficult to read. Your logo could use some cleaning up. Other than that, good job.


Good Luck,


"Woohoo, Just Havin Funnn!"

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It looks very plain and that someone who is about 13 made it from their bedroom for fun, i would not buy from it, sorry to be honest but its pointless me saying its good then you getting no sales, it needs a lot of work.


Good luck

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Thanks for the comments.


Looking at the front page again, I agree that the font size was a bit overpowering so I've reduced it.


Can't do much about the colours, that's what the client wants.


Thunderace, I can't get any of the product pages to need a left/right scroll on my machine unless I reduce the resolution to 800x600. I've changed the product pages a little and I would be grateful if this has stopped the scrolling.

Also agree about the top logo being a bit 'dirty' - waiting for the graphics people to give me an better one at which point I'll change it.


I can't understand why the ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK his formatted that way, as far as I know I haven't changed anything to cause this! I've searched and searched and I can't see where to change it, anyone any ideas where to change it - all help gratefully received.


The site has the SEO contribution installed but we haven't started using meta tags yet - that'll be done when we start adding the full product range.


We decided not to use a breadcrumb trail but put a 'home' button on each page, I think it's a ;ittle neater without the breadcrumbs.


Thanks for taking the time to look and comment, more comments gratefully received!



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good looking site. i agree with some of the others. the logo could be more crisp. smaller fonts for the main page would look a little nicer. i like the grass background.


when looking at madeira short sleeves, i had both vertical and horizontal scroll bars (using firefox. my resolution is 1024 X 768). long sleeves was fine.


you might want to add the checkout w/o registration contribution.





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auwagner - and others who commented, I think I've finally fixed the scrolling problem - caused by a bit of code carried over whilst cutting and pasting from an earlier version of the site!


I'll certainly suggest the checkout without registration to the customer.



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I don't know the mod you used but "ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK" looks, at a glance, to me to be using the DEFINE name.


If you are not familiar with the way Osc uses DEFINE then look in the language files.


I would look for a language file with the same name as the mod and look for something like ...


define('ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK', 'This is what the link should actually read');


Or more to the point this SHOULD exist but doesn't (if my scenario is correct)

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Thanks for the pointer, I was suffering from brain failure and I had managed to delete the very last line of the English.php file!


//all products define ('ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK', 'All products');


Put it back and it is now working correctly


Thanks again

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