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Customer address changes in admin


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Hi everyone


I have managed to play around with the customer address so it is UK style, but how do I have the same look in the admin side for customers please? Now I can't see anything for looking! :P


I also would like to know how I can add a new field for new customers accounts of Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms) as it is not even in the admin side, so must mean some new php code, which I do not have a foggiest idea how to write.


Greatly appreciate your help & await your superior wealth of knowledge eagerly. :D :thumbsup:




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Hi Julie


I'd like a solution to this one too.


It's a big problem with osCommerce.

Hopefully it'll be fixed in the forthcoming version 3...


Customer address should be a single module that goes in both the catalog and admin pages so there's only one piece of code to change.


And it should be sensibly generic:

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3

Zip/Post Code



We also need a fix for the silly gender business that results in Mr or Ms.

The solution is a single free-text field in which people can put Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Prof/Rev/... or whatever they like.


My concern on all these issues is, if we make all these changes, what happens when we add an upgrade or a patch?

Do we have to start over?!



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