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The e-commerce.

Please check out my store


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Appreciate anyone taking a gander and giving me any criticism


And before anyone mentions:


1. I can't afford to use any other payment methods at this time other than PayPal or Money Orders.


I think that's it for now...going on a full day with no sleep so....

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It's a completely standard and generic oscommerce install as far as I can see, what do you want anyone to comment on?

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Your logo graphic at the top is almost unreadable - the letters are all squished together.


The majority of your heading area - prime real estate for websites! - is blank white space.


Your thumbnail graphics are messed up. You need to make them scale when they are resized so they don't look so bad.


I can't find shipping costs before I check out. Add a contribution like Ship in Cart if you're calculating shipping based on weight, or provide a shipping table if you're going by $ amount. No one wants to wait until they've given you all their personal info before they find out how much shipping is.


I can't find your telephone number or address anywhere on the site = I don't trust you and wouldn't buy here.


Get rid of the number of requests on the bottom of your page. It shows your customers how few people are looking. You're the only one who needs that info.


Your intro paragraph on the home page sounds like you're not exactly a committed store. You're selling "whatever else I end up putting on here" and you'll add products "from time to time as my free time allows". Even if those things are true, it does not inspire confidence in me as a customer. If something goes wrong with my order, I want to know someone will help me fix it. At this point, I would leave your site and go check out eBay.


As the previous commenter said, this is completely stock. Change the colors, add some pizzazz - make it your own.


You need to put in a lot more work.


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Nothing more to add to the previous two replies.


I actually found your address... way down on the conditions page. Phone number is missing, though.


Not sure about the returns policy. Check out the regulations for your country about distance selling.


Don't get put off by the feedback you receive right now. Add a little colour, play around with the stylesheet, fix that header and work on getting listed with the search engines to direct genuine traffic to your shop.



The First Law of E-Commerce: If the user can't find the product, the user can't buy the product.


Feedback and suggestions on my shop welcome.


Note: My advice is based on my own experience or on something I read in these forums. No guarantee it'll work for you! Make sure that you always BACKUP the database and the files you are going to change so that you can rollback to a working version if things go wrong.

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My only comment would be to read some of the other posting within this forum and take notice of what others are saying about other stores. Impliment the ideas on your store, and then ask for another review. At the moment yoiur store is not the best i have seen, and it is nearly the worst.


Put a bit of effort into it, and you will be rewarded. Change the colours, alter some of the standard text. You need to add an seo and metatag contribution otherwise noone will find you. Alter the buttons to ones that will eventually match your selected colour scheme. Once you have done that, you need to concentrate on what others are saying.


At the end of the day it is your store, and if you like it like it is, leave it. The results will speak for themselves.


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