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The e-commerce.

starting a business and i have a few questions


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Ok i need a little bit of help. I am starting an online business and first thing i need is a web site. my friend is good at editing sites but we dont want to start from scratch so we are willing to buy one. we go to template monster to purchase a site. but when we first look at the good sites for a store are all os commerce sites. we are really not familiar at all with that. we try to reasearch about it but we got no luck really at all. we called some help lines about this but no one is giving us the answers we need. so i was wondering if somone could shed some light on this situation. we have a few questions.


1. if we bought one of these sites can we use our own method of payment like with our own account that we have and when a customer makes a purchase all that happens is an email is sent to us with the order (billing, shipping, and credit card info) and we place the order with our wholesaler?


2. how do we edit the site? i have heared alot about an admin panel but i was wondering if because we are getting the source file with a .php extention can we also edit it with a program such as dreamweaver or flash? because we would rather not use this admin panel and would rather use dreamweaver.


Could someone please help us out



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