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The e-commerce.

Critique wanted and appreciated


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Great logo, looks nice.


I wouldn't buy a templateMonster template for one reason - you have to have that huge image at the top of each page, and it's always the same image. I would suggest taking that image out of all pages but the homepage. That way your merchandise is closer to the top so people can see it without having to scroll down. If not, then at least show different images on the different pages.


I would also recommend the imageMagic contrib - it will render your thumbnails with NO pixelation. And make the popup images larger - almost twice that size. At least 500px tall or wide. If you want people to buy, you have to give them a good view.

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This site is really nice.


I agree with shellbrain that the photo of the man at the top should only be on the home page

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As a person who purchases stock imagery a lot for various freelance projects, i don't think I would purchase from you because


1. Your enlarged images are too compressed and look crappy. I would assume that the final images would be as such as well.


2. Your choice of background color on the product pages. The photos seem to blend into the background. Notice most Stock image sites use white backgrounds throughout the site, and for good reasons.

My Contribution

Music Download Store Template


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hi robert,


is it on purpose, that the page wont show anything, if one leaves the 'index.php' out..?







..sorry if that was on purpose - thought it might be useful if it's an unwanted features..:]


greetzs, till..


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. Yes it is on purpose that you have to type in the "index.php". The site is not officially open yet. So this way i reduce the amount of unwanted traffic. I am going to change it once we open. Good catch!

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special offer - $28 per image? That seems incredibly expensive if you compare it to something like http://www.fotolia.co.uk/ where I normally buy stock imagery from.


Also, whilst I understand the reasons for the watermark across the centre of the preview images, it's just too big/pronounced/whatever, and makes the preview image a bit useless for determining the quality of the product you are actually buying.


If I change the language then the navigation items don't change, this makes the offer of alternative languages a bit pointless in my opinion.


I really like the general layout and colour selection, etc. but I think that the header image with the special offer notice is too big, if somebody was using a small window/low res screen, then they would have to scroll down to see products.


I cannot find anywhere information about the size or resolution of the images, this really needs to be in each product description so that people know what they are buying.


That all sounds a bit scathing, but I actually really like this site, it's a good base to start from but it still needs a lot of work in my opinion.

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I like your site and the way you setup product Listings.

Can you please tell me how you modify or perhaps which contribution you used.

I just want to do same think for productListing.



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