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Random image script


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I use




<td><a href="http://www.***.com/catalog/*****.html?infoBox=6"><img src="/catalog/images/image.gif" alt="image" border="0"></a></td>




on my left column at the bottom for product promotions and what not and was wondering if anybody knows of a script that I can use to set a random images where only 1 will be displayed at a time with linking to the specifc category or product?



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Thanks but I found another script after I googled it...the only issue is it puts the images at the very top of the left column.I would like to have the images on the bottom as they previously were. I have tried adding the align=bottom but then the pics do not even shop up?

here's the code below.

<script language="JavaScript"><!--


images = new Array(4);


images[0] = "<a href = 'http://www.***.com/catalog/***-c-28.html?infoBox=4'><img src='myimages/image1.gif' alt=image test></a>";


images[1] = "<a href = 'http://www.***.com/catalog/***-c-150.html?infoBox=4'><img src='myimages/image2.gif' alt='image test'></a>";


images[2] = "<a href = 'http://www.***com/catalog/***-c-172.html?infoBox=6'><img src='myimages/image3.gif' alt='image test'></a>";


images[3] = "<a href = 'http://www.***.com/catalog/***-c-23.html?infoBox=1'><img src='myimages/image4.gif' alt='image test'></a>";


index = Math.floor(Math.random() * images.length);






// --></script><br>

I have tried adding the align= bottom and absolute bottom right after the image source but they still do not show up after adding that. I am now stuck as how to get the images to show up directlty at the bottom of the column.

Any suggestion??


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