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Receiving text and/or uploaded images from customers


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The Business I'm trying to assemble puts together custom clothing for clients. So this topic has two questions, both of which the answers are very much possible, just not sure how to phrase what i'm looking for:


1) I need a product attribute where the customer can type in what text they want on thier item, in addition I need that same attribute to add more to the bill for every letter after the first,let's say, 15.


i.e., so a shirt that says "bobby" no additional charge for text, but if they wanted "robert is the master of all" then I'd want to charge for the additional 7 letters.


2) I want customers to be able to send me an image that they want on thier order. So ppl could see a stick figure masterpiece of sticks bowing before Robert...and i'll lay it out for them.


Any suggestions? I think once these last two options are added to the store, I'll never ever have to bother any fo you guys again :) you guys are great, I've never seen a community work so well together.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.


p.s. BACKUP!

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