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Product Attribute images?


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So i'm running a type of store where customer can purchase customized products, or some static products available in different colors. If someone selects a t-shirt, then chooses the attribute "color: red" but the default image is black, I want the red to popup, to illustrate what a red t-shirt looks like. Or if they choose a font to decorate the shirt, I want a sample of the font to show itself. So basically these would be pics associated with product attributes. I've seen it done for neighborhoodies OSC, but they have a team of ppl they pay across seas to heavily mod thier store, so i'm not sure if it's a typical contrib, if so, what is it called? if you have no clue what i'm referring to you can check out options on making a t-shirt at neighborhoodies.com , especially under the font and/or image option. Thank you so much for whoever finds the answer.

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Attributes as Images or something like that is the contribution that you want.

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