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The e-commerce.

State fields have vanished ..


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My client had informed me that they haven't been able to charge their customers shipping.


As i looked into the situation, any reference to a STATE field does not show.


1. /catalog/create_account.php

2. /admin/customers.php


Both of those pages do not list a STATE option.


I have looked into my ZONES and deleted/recreated and still nothing.


I had updated from oscommerce version where root dirs were separate for admin and catalog to the MS2.


I just now updated to a COUNTRY-STATE package to fix problem.. still .. nothing.


I have searched endlessly to find solutions with nothing working quite yet.


Im thinking maybe it is a database problem??

Can somebody provide accurate vars/structure for MS2??


I can provide any data that needs to be given to help me find a solution.


insert into address_book (address_book_id, customers_id, entry_gender, entry_company, entry_firstname, entry_lastname, entry_street_address, entry_suburb, entry_postcode, entry_city, entry_state, entry_country_id, entry_zone_id) values ('1', '3', 'm', 'test', 'testfname', 'testlname', 'testaddress', '', 'testzip', 'testcity', '', '223', '12');


and the adressbook table is a follows:


drop table if exists address_book;

create table address_book (

address_book_id int(11) not null auto_increment,

customers_id int(11) default '0' not null ,

entry_gender char(1) not null ,

entry_company varchar(32) ,

entry_firstname varchar(32) not null ,

entry_lastname varchar(32) not null ,

entry_street_address varchar(64) not null ,

entry_suburb varchar(32) ,

entry_postcode varchar(10) not null ,

entry_city varchar(32) not null ,

entry_state varchar(32) ,

entry_country_id int(11) default '0' not null ,

entry_zone_id int(11) default '0' not null ,

PRIMARY KEY (address_book_id),

KEY idx_address_book_customers_id (customers_id)



Like i said .. i dunno where to begin.. but i need to find a solution asap!!


Please Help.


Thanks guys


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Anybody have any ideas?? This is a huge problem and my client is very frustrated with me.


Im almost to the point where i need to spend a week to renter everything into the store.. customers/products.


Please Help !!



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have you changed the database like for instance reinstalling all zones or countries or deleting existing zones,countries and then adding them back? Because something like this could explain this problem. Basically if you touch the countries, zones, geo_zones, zones_to_geo_zones tables, you have to also synchronize them with the customer's address books and maybe other tables that keep such info.

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