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The e-commerce.

Urgent help needed from an Oscommerce expert


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Please, Im in trouble..


Installed PWA contribution which seemed easy to do..

My shop then went wide, everything was black, and set out different. New infobox headings that i had added were in caps and everything was wrong. I had BTS installed.

I replaced the files with back ups, but still the same?

Ive even resulted to taking whole catalog off server, and re-uploading a back up i made the other day.. Now i get this error?


1146 - Table 'mydatabase.whos_online' doesn't exist


delete from whos_online where time_last_click < '1149528988'




Im taking it that this is a DB problem, but what has happened?

Any help would make my day as nobody can access a popular store?



Even my admin feature is gone up the wall too, no icons will display at all, with this message..


1146 - Table 'mystore.products' doesn't exist


select count(*) as count from products where products_status = '1'


it doesnt want to do a back up through oscommerce to the DB, so could it be where it half loaded a back up?

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