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Worldpay and STS PLUS


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For all those who are trying to get STS and Worldpay working together here's a solution (..well it works for me).


First of all you need to copy 4 files from the initial OSC folder that you first downloaded. These are application_top, application_bottom, header and footer.

Now, rename those files to something like application_top_wp.php and so on.


Upload or copy those files into your OSC installation in the catalog/includes folder.

Open wpcallback.php and change any reference to filenames for application_top.php, application_botom.php, header.php and footer.php to whatever your fresh files are called. e.g change application_top.php to application_top_wp.php.


This should now work for worldpay because what you have done is removed the sts templates from wpcallback.php which causes problem with the worldpay V4 V1.4 contribution.


Thanks go to heliotrope for the initial post.

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it appears that worldpay 4 module also doesnt like search engine friendly urls turned on.


if this was on, i was being kicked out of my session.


now i've disabled, its processing orders.


sounds too simple to be true. give it a try, and let me know if this works for you.

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