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Got SSL Cert... How do I use it?


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Hi all


I am trying to get a new oscommerce site to work properly. The payment method I am using is PayPal. I have just installed an SSL Cert from domainsits.com. It is installed into the SSL Manager on cPanel. But now I am stumped. How do I get oscommerce to use the cert? The MyAccount button on the site still fails.


Any help for a total n00b greatly apprecieated.



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I am not familiar with the cPanel, but I am assuming your server is a Linux and you are using apache.


You have to first make sure that your apache server is configured properly so that it is running the SSL engine. You do that either in your httpd.conf file or httpd-ssl.conf file. Once the apache is properly configured to accept SSL and your website still doesn't work, you need to change osc settings.


I really think your webserver has not been setup to accept SSL properly yet because https://www.onsitesupplies.co.uk/ is not working.

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