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Switching to oscommerce, looking for suggestions


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Hi all,


We are in the process of moving our online store from a home brewed PHP/MySQL site to OsCommerce. I've included a link to the current site sfter the OsCommerce version for reference. We are trying to keep as much of the current look going while adding a few more professional looking touches; as well as takinga advantage of a lot of the OsCommerce features :)


All criticism is very welcome.


OsCommerce version:



Current Live Store (for reference):




James and Christina

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Hi James,


I just have your Osc version open. Poor butterflies! hehehe Are the kittys at the bottom for sale also? ;-)


Ok, most agree that deleting the visitor count at the bottom and the product count in the categories info box is the way to go. Only you need to know how many visitors have been to your store (and you can get that via a multitude of means) and you don't want your customers to know how many products are in your store before they even go into your store. If you have too few products for their taste, they won't give your store a chance.


It's also pretty standard to add physical address, phone numbers, and perhaps alternative email addys to the contact us page (unless you will be doing an about us page that will have such info).


Product images take a tad long to load here on dialup, make sure the files are optimized...usually around or under 10KB is good.


Click on Women's Category and all I see are text links. Why not add product pics to those links (standard function in OsC). Show off some brand names by using the Header Tags Controller contribution, which allows you to add text above categories and also helps you seach engine optimize your store with meta tags and descriptions for each category,subcategory and product.


Love the product description layout. However, with the actual product description - try to avoid all caps for words - makes it hard to read plus caps usually denote shouting.


Just an example: Dress - Where are the sizes? And coming from a woman, a personal pet peeve is when you do list sizes, tell how they run for every manufactuer does their different. A small can run differently from one to another. So list sizes as: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), 1X-Large (16), etc etc


Perhaps swap out the default osc clipart images for contact us and shipping/returns pages (and other if applicable).


Contact, Payment info and Gift Certificate info really don't belong on the shipping/returns page.


The very last sentence in the shipping/returns page has a : which seems to indicate you are going to put more info ?????


Hope that helps. Best of luck! Unique product line I haven't seen featured here at the forums yet.


Oops, forgot to mention - it seems you deleted the right column, but the spacing is still there for it which means you haven't taken out the entire code correctly.


Also, is there anything more you add to the header? It's so barren.

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Hi - just a quicky - the background image (both on old site and on osc version) makes my eyes hurt. Maybe use that as your border images 2 or 3 pixels wide around each infobox then make the background plain balck would have a sharper effect..?


Your product description pages have a bit of a conflict of font going on - you have the store default font of arial/verdana clashing with times new roman which is used for product title and description as well as the "click to enlarge"text - probably just needs the td class defined.


Your information pages are nearly impossible to read with no blanket background behind the text, and the header for each info page is defined as being grey, which is excellent camouflage - not really the intended effect I think. If you dont remove the background black/white/grey stripey thing, then it is essential you put the infopage information onto a plain colour background.


I would echo the comments above that it is a good idea to remove the footer bar containing info about how many visitors etc, and I would also change the navigation bar colour to black to reflect your header and give a more uniform appearance. On that same line, you have Top>>Catalog - both resolve to the same homepage, so probably a good idea to take one of them out.


the cats - nice, but I have no idea what you are trying to say by having them on the home page.....?


So, to summarise, my only big bugbear is the eye-hurting stripey background thing you have going on. Tone it down a bit and you have a very good starting point for a unique store. Still some way to go, but definitely headed in the right direction.

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