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The e-commerce.

How do I move the price?


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Here is a current draft of a product page i have:




I want to edit the title and price that appear in gray at the top.


-Is it possible to move the price from the top to the bottom, just above the "Add to Cart" button? and where in my stylesheet can I change the text color?


-Is it possible to just get rid of the gray product title (where it says Xtreme Action Toothbrush)?

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ok, so i figured out how to change the color of the title/price at least. but i just want to get rid of the title all together. i thought of just making it the same color as the background, but then it gets rid of the price too... is there a way to edit them separately? where/how would i define a new CSS style for just the price?


and i still would like to know if i can somehow move it to the bottom of the page...

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What you want is in the product_info.php page.

The product price is called up with this php code : <?php echo $products_price; ?>

The title is called up with this : <?php echo $products_name; ?>


If you do a search for them you will see they are toward the top and contained within <td> </td> tags.

You can edit these to your hearts desire. Obviousy deleting the codes will delete displaying them.

And you can move these tags anywhere. Just be careful to make sure you know when your dealing with php code and when you dealing with html code. The names I've given you are "self contained" php code. You can put them within html coding because they are enclosed in <?php ?> , however if you wisht to put it with php code you won't need the brackets. So you'll drop it in just as ' echo echo $products_name; '


You don't really have to know php code to edit oscommerce, you just have to be AWARE of it.


Hope this helps

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