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I'm starting up an online store for selling card singles for a CCG game called Warlord.


Here's something I need to do and can't quite figure out if it's possible.


My cards are divided up into Characters, Items and Actions. They also are divided into different sets.


So lets say that Mr Fighter Guy is a "Character" which came out of the "Big Warlords" set. I want there to be a category for the different sets. I want it so that if you click on the "Big Warlords" category, Mr Fighter Guy would come up as one of the products. I also want to have categories on the main page which are Characters, Actions and Items. If you click on the Characters category, I want my Mr Fighter Guy to show up there as well. I don't want two different products labeled "Mr Fighter Guy". I just want to be able to get to it from either category.


This would make it easy on people because some people are just trying to get cards from the newest set and don't want to have to sift through all of the characters, and some people are just trying to get some characters to fill in their collections and don't want to have to click on 20 different sets to find everything especially if they don't know which set a certain character came out of.


Is this possible? If so, how would I do it?

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If you go to a product in your admin you will see a copy to button. This will allow you to copy a product to another category. If you click on link product you will only need to edit the product once to make changes to it (such as price) no matter how many categories it is in.

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