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The e-commerce.

Need advice concerning product layout


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Product Listing page within a category.


For those that have established online businesses - what would you suggest as the maximum number of pages for a product listing page?


How many is just too many to where your customer loses interest in "thumbing" through the pages to view all the products in that category (or sub-category).


In relation to that - how many sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories) are just too many?


Basically, am looking for the best way to break up my products without have too many product listing pages and categories (and sub-categories) and making my site look like a mess.


Any suggestions, advice, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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That will depend on the page the visitors sees each time. For instance on the home page you may want to have different modules for the featured products, specials, top categories etc.


It's a good idea to list enough to fill in a page in a common display resolution. 6-8 products per page 2-3 pages. If you categorize by manufacturer or by some other search method (price range, specific attributes etc) you could list a high number of pages since the customer probably wants to browse many products.


For the categories box you could list sub-categories of the selected category only, on a store where you have many categories. And only keep the top categories listed at any time.


There are many other factors like the way the categories/products navigation operates. For instance with the css divs you could list subcategories on the mouse over event. I use an instant map for a store that I have so I do not use boxes yet a customer can navigate quickly through the various categories of the site.


You may also want to checkout the tips and tricks forum they are few discussions for site layout and check the infoboxes and features categories in the contributions some of them deploy alternatives for categories boxes and modules.

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Thanks for your input, but I guess you didn't understand my question. I just want to know what is recommended as the maximum number of pages to have in a product listing page... regardless of if it's a main category or any of it's sub-categories.


I have my product listing pages set at 15 products per page. Would 3 pages of products be max or 6 pages or ?


Just as an example: If 3 pages of products is the max recommended, then I would need to divide that category into 7 sub categories. But if 6 pages of products is the general rule of thumb, then I only need 3 sub categories. See what I'm getting at? Sorry, guess I'm just not good at describing stuff.


I'm just talking about the product listing.php page, no other part of the website. Just wondering what is the best recommended number of pages for a product listing page. How many pages is just getting to be too much?

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I understood your question and again its the same approach. I could just place 2 products per page because the thumbnail, short description, font size and perhaps other fields I use take too much space. Or I could just display the products name of each product and place 20 products on each page.


Depends how you want to arrange your layout and even depends on the items you carry or the items of a specific category. As a real estate agent for example I want to present all my products with large thumbnails. In contrast if I carry printer catridges I may not need the thumbnails thus I can fit more products within a reasonable space on each page.


2-3 pages of products is quite good for each category.

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