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New Product Preview causes Categories.php 503 error


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I run Oscommerce sites on Ipower.com servers, bith have different installations of OScommerce. Today they both started producing an error. When I create a new product and click on preview the server returns :


You don't have permission to access /catalog/globalorg/categories.php on this server.


The call is actually made from categories.php so clearly we do have permission to run the file. I also checked the file and folder permissions at 755 and renamed HTAccess just for good measure, no efect.


I can create catagories, it is just the product preview that is the issue.


As this occured on two sites located on the same physical server the same day, it seems clear that a modification was made to the server setup. It will help me working with Ipower if I can give them any clue as to why this is occuring.


Many thanks in advance for your help.



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We are having the same problem, and HAD the same problem not too long ago. It seems that they cannot figure out how to stop screwing with the PHP setup for their servers. My co-administrator got on chat with them this morning to get them working on it. They "said" they were going to get it fixed ASAP because my co-admin told them he was gonna switch if they didn't. I think we will switch anyway, because I have a feeling this won't be the last time this happens.


But yeah, don't worry about you having screwed with anything. It's all something with them messing with the PHP setup. Just go in and make sure you can browse your database tables. They ended up screwing a couple of ours up last time, but eventually got them repaired.


ipowerweb is not cool...



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