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newbie question on international UPS shipping from U.S.

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hi, i'm new so go easy on me :)


we have the UPS XML Rates shipping module set up and working fine for the U.S. but when I register to test with a UK address, for example, the module doesn't show up.


Is there something I have to do with Locations/Zones? I've never shipped Internationally before, so if someone could happily guide me, I'm sure I don't have something set up correctly. What are the basics for setting up shipping Internationally from the U.S.?


For example: do you just define continents? Or do most people get exact quotes from UPS? What's the best method to go about International shipping???



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In your admin under modules/shipping/ups xml, make sure where you select which shipping methods to use with UPS that you enable international shipping methods. There are several to choose from and I don't remember which ones I'm using (expedited I think) but it should work fine then.


One other note. When shipping internationally (or air anywhere) the rates are more dependant upon the size of the box. So test an item in your store and then go to ups.com and calculate the time/cost there to see how close they are. When you ship internationally, a 4 pound item in a box that is 14x16x8 could have a "billable weight" of 12 pounds (that's just an example) and you'll end up eating the shipping costs if you're not careful. Adjust the weight accordingly :D





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