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How to create a logout link in admin


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Ok, i describe my situation first.

I just use the function privide by web hosting 'password protedted directory' to protect my admin sites.


I see many posted about this topic. But it seems nobody can answer this question.

Obviously, we can't see any logout/logoff button in admin sites.

Some people answer in this forum said "There are no login in admin page", so Where got logout.

Oh, my god !


Is there any contribution to add-on?

Else i just try to create a log out button in admin. But i don't know how to clear the cookies or session that stored the username and password at the moment i log in.


I hope somebody help me, and also help youeself. ;)

Since the admin security is very important.


smithveg B)


Hello World! ^.^ I'm a Internet naive. Browse my working profile

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