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Header Tags Install


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I have installed osC and all is seems to be working. Before I get to far into building the site I need to know that I am going to be able to install the contributions I might need.

I have tried several times now on a new osC install to get the Header Tags contribution to install properly and I have not been succesful. I have again uninstalled and reinstalled osC and have not changed anything hoping I might get some direction here.

Yes I have searched the forum endlessly and tried several things but no success. There are so many readme.txts in the Header Tags download that I guess I am not starting with the correct one.

What is the first step I should do on a new osC install to get this to work. If someone could get me going I am sure I can figure this out.


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Try the one named Install_ReadMe_First.txt.




Duh, tried that already. It makes little sense to me. It starts out with step 1. I am jumping to:

"The second method is to use the database_setup.php file in the same directory. This is easier to use for most

people. All you do is copy the file to your host. Place it in the same directory that your index.php file is in.

Then, open a browser and go to your site and type in the name of the file after it. For example, if the url of

your site is www.mysite.com, then type the following in the browsers url string: http://www.mysite.com/database_setup.php

Then press enter and it should install it for you


The way I read it this is the first thing I should do, but I get an error.


1146 - Table 'kahall_osc1.PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION' doesn't exist






What am I not getting?


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My guess is that you are not using the latest version. The problem you describe was in an earlier release. It was fixed with the latest version - 2.5.9.



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