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The e-commerce.

general Questions, I'm new


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I'm new to this oscommerce program, I installed it on my site, got it up and going, went thru the administration, changed a lot to suit my business including the email address. So I set myself up as a user, placed a mock order. So Here's my questions:

One someone places an order, how do I get it? It didn't come in the email

What happens with the credit card numbers, do they get emailed to me to process by hand?, I did notice that it won't let me put in an invald number, so that scared me that my card was being charged and the money being sent to someone else...

so in order to close an order, I have to go into administrator and update it that way?

I'll have a thousand other questions, but this is the start...

Thanks in advance

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I'm assuming you used the manual credit card payment option.. in which case, the credit card isn't charged -- its just stored so you can manually process it. If you want to charge it automatically, you will need to engage a third party app such as PayPal (which integrates into osCommerce).


As for closing an order, you do have to manually close it off.. maybe when you ship the product? Under 'My Store' in the administration panel, there is a setting "Send Extra Order Emails to". If you enter in your email address, then you will get a copy of all order emails I believe..


Hope that helps,


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Thank you Allan, that worked, now I've come across another issue, when I log into the admin side, it doesn't ask me for a password, I'm going to try it on another computer to see if maybe its stored on my computer, but I'm sure it's not as I run deep freeze on my computer... and back about the emails again, in order to get the credit card number so I can run it, I have to log in to the admin side and look at the order to get the credit card number... is that correct?

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As far as I know, you need to set up htaccess for the admin section to protect it. And since you have announced to the world that your admin site is not protected, I'd either protect it right away or get your CC info out of there pronto! lol


In case you don't know how to set the .htaccess here is a link with the info: http://www.cts.wustl.edu/cts/help/web/auth/htpasswd.html

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Thank you Kathy,, I will check that out.. I didn't have any valad credit card numbers in there, I am in the process of learning how to set it up and track orders and all that.. but thank you again, i'm going to try that right now..


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