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The e-commerce.

Top for all keywords on MSN but no where google/yahoo why?


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Just checked my seo progress and MSN loves me.


MSN - Im on the first page for all my key words. 5/5 major keywords


Yahoo - Mostly around result 30 but on first page for one 1/5


google - Not even present for 2! result 75 for another 2 and 18 best result.


Its a new site so I think Im right in thinking the google result will improve a bit over time. Still waiting on DMOZ which should help too, I hope. But what should my plan of action be? If the sites doing well on MSN does it mean the on page work is good and I should get link building to improve on the others?


Do the above stats say something obvious about what needs to be done and whats okay on the site?

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This is very common in my experience. If the page is optimized properly, then it will entually show up in google. But usually, the page isn't optimized as google wants it. They evaluate a page differently than the others so you have to jump through a few more hoops.



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I am in the opposite position. I was getting top rankings in MSN but not in Yahoo, and now I have totally dropped from MSN rankings and have gone up in Yahoo?


It's a crazy world.




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After reading up on the sandbox theory I think Im kind of sandboxed a bit with google because of the domains age. Even keyword loaded anchor text links to my site on irelevant sites are scoring higher than me. Surley this is evidence of a slight sandbox effect.


I need to register my domain for longer too, which some say helps you google rank.


MSN is still loving my site and Yahoo is constantly indexing it but somehow geting session IDs.


I am now on page 1 in google for one of my keywords but only when I check the datacenters not when I use google.com. Hopefully next week those results will go live.

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