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Order numbers!


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Can anyone let me know how to edit, so that the order numbers do not start from 0 in store, bit embaressing if somebody gets order number 1,2,etc?


I did see a similer post a while back, but been searching for ages to no avail.

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I don't know what field you are talking about but the first box (SQL command) tells you what to type so what do you not understand about what you should execute in the SQL when it is there in front of you?

Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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Yep running that, and its coming up error.. Its set to auto increment


`orders_id`SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE 1


This is whats displayed in SQL, i run the script and error appears?

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Thanks for following it with me K, but its being a nightmare to execute. When i run the script via SQL tab, i get



SQL query:






MySQL said:


#1146 - Table 'mysite.osc_orders' doesn't exist


There is insert option aswell i can use, but the value is blank on orders_id?

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