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Hi All,


I have been using WorldPay as my payment module for the past 3 years. However, due to various reasons, I am considering switching over to PayPal.


Originally, when I first investigated this 3 years ago, PayPal (in the UK) required ALL clients to have a PayPal account, which was a big no-no in my opinion.


I now see that there is an option in PayPal to allow clients to buy without a PayPal account, which suits me just perfectly, as I dont have a high volume website.


I do already have a verified business account with PayPal.


Just wanted to get some feedback from those of you that have been using PayPal in the UK and your experience with it.



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I use paypal in the UK as an extra payment option. Not really any problems with it except the fees are quite high. It is a good thing that customers no longer need to signup for an account.



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I use paypal as a payment option in the uk, i agree about the fees , i always hate paypal payments that dont have a paypal account. protx is a good option to have as it's very cheap with no transaction charges for low volume sales...just ?23.00 per month inc VAT and upto ?1,500 in transactions with no charges...go over that and it's 50p a transaction , still very good. On-line terminal service if you need it.

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Thanks for the replies.


Two quick questions

1. Does PayPal charge more if the client does not have a PayPal account?


2. My understanding of Protx is that you still need to arrange your own merchant account. Has this changed?


As for PayPal being expensive, well with Worldpay after you add in the yearly charges, they are damn expensive too.



Thanks for the help.

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1 - PayPal do not surcharge if the client doesn't have a paypal account it cost the same for all payments when you have a business paypal account.


2 - yes you do need a merchant account with protx - shop around you can get some good deals if you haggle a bit!!



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