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The e-commerce.

would this be a good move for seo


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I thought that with a subdomain, inbound links count towards the domain? That's the reasoning put forth by seo experts on why angel fire webistes , blogger blogs and other free webspace usually have high rankings.




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In MSN's update/mess last weekend they had subdomains ranked very high but then they seemed to put things back to the way they were. I think a well optimized page in a directory such as www.mysite.com/dvd/ can rank very well on the search engines for "dvd". Clean code, good title tag, keyword relevance, H1 & H2 tags, page titles as well as good inbound keyword links should get you near the top.


Using subdirectories we have managed to get as high as #11 on MSN (Google still has us sandboxed) for the keyword "Mr Coffee". Also looking at "Colombian Coffee" as a keyword all the top few pages seem to be in subdirectories and not subdomains.

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As far as Ive read google sees www.domain.com and domain.com as duplicate content. Thats why you should stick to one choose it and setup a 301 redirect so your PR isnt shared between to two.


I think subdomains are seen as domain.com so you should work on all you links being to domain.com or subdomain.domain.com. Also do a 301 redirect in htaccess from www.domain.com to domain.com


Problem with that is Im not sure which format would be more popular with natural inbound links. e.g. If someone on a forum added a link to something on your site would they use the www. or not!?!? Personally I think most people would use the www.

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