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The e-commerce.

can't find my store after install


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since i'm new to os commerce and i'm new to database stuff i may be asking rookie questions,but none the less i'm gunna ask.

i can't find my storefront?

it should be at http://www.thegunroominc.com/catalog if i read all of this info right .

when i type it in i get a 404 so i try http://www.thegunroominc.com/catalog/index.php and get a 404.

i can get to the admin page but if i try to go to online catalog from there i 404 again.

anyone make any mistakes that sound like this?

i'm trying to setup a storefront that is accessable from the main site and i don't want to pay $50.00 a month to use a cart service since os commerce is out there and works.

any help before i go on a rampage and beat up godzilla?

somedays it pays to stay in bed.

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aw crap!

i just decided to go over all the files individually and saw that for some reason all of the files did'nt make the upload when i did the ftp.

i friggin reinstalled this thing a few times and didn't get all of the files.

stupid line conditions here at the office suck donkey poo off dirty shoes!

well thanks to none of you for helping me see the obvious.

somedays it pays to stay in bed.

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