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Question about templates


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I am about to re-design my store using OSC, and I wonder whether it is worth buying one of those templates sold on line. It is about $150 that I would like to save, but it's not clear how good or easy is to use whatever I can download from OS.


Thank you!

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It depends. It's better to ask for references from the template vendor, and then ask the store owner what their experience has been. Some templates are built with STS or BTS, which can complicate some contribution installations later. Some templates are built by people who know HTML, and how to make things look pretty, but they have no idea about PHP or code re-use. I've seen templates that totally remove the header, footer, and both columns and then replace them in each and every file with static HTML.


Having said that, if you are not up to a little bit of PHP, HTML, and CSS coding, it can be challenging to get just the right look/feel that you want.



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I quite agree...You will learn much and have some fun...Just make sure

you do backups of your programs as you change them...also leave

chicken tracks commentes of where you add or change code...it helps

going back and finding the code if you have small bugs.


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