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I would like to include some text in the catergory listings (We sell books and I would like to put information about the author in the category listing above the products listings)


Is this possible?



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not sure if there is a ready contribution for categories short description but there are for products. You could get one of those and use it as a guideline for your categories summary. If you aren't concerned with languages extend the categories sql table otherwise the categories_description table.


The other thing you could also do is to get one of the categories description contributions and simply duplicate the categories_description column.

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It's definitely possible, you'll need to edit your product_listing.php file.. I'll have a think about how you might be able to do this as it's something I might be interested in doing too!


Would definitely be a good mod for osC if there was a proper admin-integrated tool for editing it as well...

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Dear Annieprice,

This will get you started...The program that you would put the code in is

catalog/index.php...look for $category['categories_name']...this is used

for your heading...would need to create a mysql field categories_description in your category_group table which you would include in the program and add this field in the select rtn...Also you would need to add this field in the edit rtn on the add admin/catalog side...but you could get around this by using the phpadmin util to do the editing...You will have to know some php and html coding but not much...since their are plenty of code in the programs as example...

This is meant to get you started...If you choose to make the code change...remember to make a backup of the program...

I hope this helps



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