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The e-commerce.

Is it possible to do these two things?


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What i am trying to find out is it possible to hide all the prices for every single product until the customer has registered/sign in.


And is it possible to have that customers cannot fully complete their registration until the admin has approved there membership as such.


Reason why i need to know this kind of information is i need to recreate a website for furniture whole saler. So no one is aloud to see the prices accept approved furniture retailers.


Hope that makes senses and hope you lot can provide me with the information to do this job.




Also, can you review this over store i done for a client. Review Please


Thanks again.

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Glad you asked this question. I was actually going to password protect my directory but this would be a far better solution.



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Thanks for that, the 2nd one is perfect.


Please could to tell me wht the 1st contribution you linked to does? The readme file is in an unknown file format. Does that allow the admin to authorise registration requests?


Thankyou for your help.




I quickly checked again and forced the readme file to open in notepad. it worked. after reading it does what i want it to do.


Thankyou very much, ill be using these two files for the redesign of the shop in the future.

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