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Review my store


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I must be a sucker for punishment. I have reviewed so many stores on here, and now i would like to see the sort of response i get to my mofified store.


It is a project that is still being worked on. I am currently working on the images and product descriptions.


What i need to know is whether everyone fels that it is woth carrying on with, or if i should start again.


My store is located at THIS ADDRESS


All i ask for is a honest opinion.


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What a load of crap, you should be ashamed of yourself!






Nah, just kidding. :D


It doesn't look stock, that's for sure. While I think blue looks good on white, blue on blue doesn't work. There isn't enough contrast there.

I like your banner but I always think, if you're not going to do anything fancy to the text - Three Counties Computers Your 1 stop computer shop - you may as well print to it. i.e. Set the banner as a background and echo the text on top of it. Good opportunity to use some semantic H1, H2 tags.

I like the DHTML menus, the one in the header is good but I don't think the horizontal one sits there too well. Maybe if you shifted the breadcrumb trail to the very top of the page and extended the menu right across, it would look better.

Your shopping cart box is a little optimistic! Are you expecting loads of sales? I think all of the product boxes are a bit big.

You need a thumbnail mod and I would make the thumbs a little smaller. I guess that would go with making the boxes smaller.


I think getting the colour scheme right would be my priority but overall, worth carrying on with.

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Punishment, eh?!?! *wiggles eyebrows* hehehe j/k


I'm not too happy about the glaring red color on your main page: price and at the bottom. Perhaps another shade of red, or another eye catching color?


Love the menus (header and categories).


Just happen to be on your laptop product. Love the details of the product. Though, not sure I'm happy about all that table action going on ... perhaps make the table border thin black instead of all that blue?


Very nice overall. Great job!

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I can't compliment you enough of the 'ask a question about..' button and page - it's a good customer friendly function to have.


The site in general is good and easy to move around but the main header rollover dropdowns with the header menu rollover navigation dropdowns are bit too much (I think). I don't really go for that sort of colour too but if you are happy with the stylesheet then that's most important.


It's more than obvious you have worked hard on this, good luck.

Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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nice site, well done. Few comments that may help with respect to the layout:


- Increase the margins left/right for the various boxes/modules and titles or add another frame around.

- New Products of the month box when viewing a category I got it displayed two times and the first one does not extend to the right side properly. Should be like the rest of boxes (shopping cart, what's new)

- Larger Title font could be better for the modules along with some separation frame.

- Various buttons like reviews, add to cart have a frame that is close to the blue background. You may want to change the frame color to create the contrast for the buttons.

- On the products info page I see a short name of the product printed once close to the menu then I see the full name beneath.

- On the main categories when you click the top menu you may want to add a category banner that takes up the total width of tha top section and appears as background. Now you have just a small image for the category on the right side.

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Many thanks for all the comments so far. Its good to see that its heading in the right direction, aswell as getting away from the stock osc look.


The whole point of the site is too loose both the left and right columns, whilst keeping all the information that is needed readily available. I am no web designer, and it has been a struggle, but i am pleased to see that most of the comments are positive. I have taken note of what has been said, and some of them will be implimented soon.


As to the product info page layout, we are constantly trying to find a sensible way to display the required information. We are currently going to install the product tabs contribution, which will enable the metatags to be automatically selected with using html. It looks a bit stupid on some search engines when html is displayed in the tags.


This is the first time that i have received such positive remarks on my site. Well done to all those who have left reviews so far.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Have finally got round to making a few changes. Have followed enigma1 s advice and adder a margin to most of the pages. Still have a few to go , but it does look better.


Have finally added the product tabs contribution, and think it works better than a standard page layout. Have also deleted much of the proiducts and am starting again. Hopefully to get things sorted and use easy populate.


Have finally got thumbnail contribution working correctly. If someone could tell me what the page loads like it would be appreciated.


Will soon be starting to improve the admin side of things. And when all thats done i would like to see if its possible to get product attributes working in conjunction with the database prices.


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in terms of speed I see a latency after the header is loaded. I checked a bit the html source you have some jscripts for the menumaker/php layers menu You can check if that is the reason for this delay.


and for spacing yes it looks better for the elements you changed.

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keep up the good work! isn't it exciting to see a store grow?


what I noticed is that on the extra image tab you'll need a max size set, or it will mess up your design ... http://www.threecountiescomputers.co.uk/tr...3010-p-208.html


I'd also try removing the header of your horizontal menu bar ... I think it steals from it charms ...


As on product info you only have that smaller image box with price, I'd add the manufacturer box next to it - currently it is a bit lost at the bottom (doesn't look too nice stretched), and it doesn't have the same box design either. I also think showing price 1x would be enough - not 2x like now.


I agree with Mark/enigma1 on the buttons. They do not contrast enough. I found an exceptional button making website recently that I can wholeheartedle recommend: http://www.oscbuttons.web4pro.net/buttons_gallery.php


A personal color tip - those are really always a question of taste - for the mouseover in the horizontal bar I'd exchange the grey to the light blue background of the center.


I'd also dunp the date and request in the footer ...


Is it possible that your information box uses a different font as the other site text? Definitely change if I'm right :thumbsup:




addicted to writing code ... can't get enough of databases either, LOL!


my toolbox: Textpad - Compare and Merge - phpMyAdmin - WS_FTP - Photoshop - How to search the forum


Interactive Media Award July 2007 ~ category E-Commerce

my advice on the forum is for free, PMs where you send me work are considered consultation which I charge for ...

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  • 1 month later...

I am aware that custom computer doesnt work. I have recently cleared out all the products in the store due to a change of supplier. Once all the items have been replaced i will set up all the conputers again. Thanks for looking.


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