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The e-commerce.

please help me


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I wana ask you about commercials:


I wana make my web as do with other web which it used the front page


some web sites put thier commercials in the top of the page


I notice that the oscommerce don't have a place for commercials


so I thought i wana do it by other way


by putting a commercial which moves when you move the page


but how can I do that?


if I can't do that how can i put commercials in my web?


please help me with that

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OK, quick question. What is the purpose of your site? Is it to annoy the hell out of people to get them to go to someone elses site, or is it to keep them on your site for as long as possible to give yourself the largest opportunity of a sale? Think that one through and you may decide the rest of this post is irrelevant.


However, to make a commercial for your page is quite simple. You could just hack an infobox together with the advert inside it, then call that infobox wherever you want the ad to display, or you could do likewise with a module. Both of those will make a statically placed ad which shows quite happily on your site.


To make one which hovers on the same screen location regardless of the actions being performed on your actual page requires the use of javascript, and this would need to be coded into the header area of your site as well as the actual page itself, unless you wanted it showing on every page across your site in which case you could plump it all in your header.


I have nothing against adverts whatsoever, sometimes they can be a useful additional income source, can add to the usefulness of your site by offering alternatives to customers who are unable to satisfy their demands with your products and can increase consumer choice. Beware though of becoming just another site that exists purely to get revenue from adverts - there are already WAY too many of these around, and if this is what you inetnd becoming, oscommerce really shouldn't be the tool you are using - it is designed for people who really want to get into e-commerce and make a business for themselves in the world of retail and service.


thats my 2 cents anyway.

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