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trouble with a contribution.


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im using this contribution:




i followed all intructions properly and certain aspects do work as the image it self, the roll over image works but when you click the catergory, it goes to the catergory page but the image for that catergory- it cannot find. It cant find the image as it puts a %22 at the end of the image name. E.g. /images/nav1_over.gif%22


Can some one help me figure out why this happens.


Thank you.












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Hi there,


%22 is a space so you must've inserted a space somewhere in the code? Check the categories.php file (around line 47) and make sure there is no space inserted in the bit below (I've bolded it)


<img src="/~myaccount/images/navigation/nav' . $counter . '_over.gif" width="170" height="21" name="nav' . $counter . '">';

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from what i see in the code, there is no space after the _over.gif:


......./nav' . $counter . '_over.gif" width="170" height="21" name="nav' . $counter . '">';


weird, have any other ideas or other places to check in the files?



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i thought %20 was a space, but i will have a look now, thanks.

ooops - yeah you;re right sorry - still trying to wake up this morning...! ;-) %22 is a quotation mark. You must've added a rogue one into the code.

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I'm not sure - I tested the files thoroughly before I submitted the contribution so I know it's bug free. I can see the extra apostrophe in the screengrab you posted above so you're inserting it somewhere. Sorry I can't be of more help...

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