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Australian Tax


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Hi forum,


Thought id throw this in and see if someone else had run into the same bizarre issue. I have an Aus based shop with very simple tax requirements - 10% on everything - all products and all freight.


I have my zones set up in what has been indicated and what i believed to be the logical manner:


Country - -> Australia

Zones -> VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA, NT, TAS, ACT


Tax Zones ->Australia-> VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA, NT, TAS, ACT


I am also running MZMT so i have the standard shpVIC, shpQLD etc categories in the tax zones to denote shipping zones but i dont believe they are an issue & MZMT works fine.


All shipping modules and products have the one Taxable goods rate of 10% applied to them.


I do not ship international at this stage so no other countries and no other tax rates.


What i find is that my products do not show tax. Despite there being only one tax rate which is applied on everything. I now add another zone into my Tax Zones, simply ->All Countries/All Zones, and voila my products all start showing the appropriate tax. It would appear to all intents and purposes all my Tax zones for the states might as well not be there as they are obviously being ignored.


The only mod i have in relating to tax is Chemos MS3 Tep_get_tax_rate upgrade ( i show many products on one page and wanted to cut down on queries.) and i have applied a couple of minor bug fixes to it from the forums here and it still does it, but i dont know that this contrib is actually the cause - and suspect it isnt as when its working it seems to work fine - so i have left it with All countries/All Zones set in my Tax Zones - but it doesnt seem right and i know its going to be an issue when i start shipping international.


Anyone got the faintest idea what is going on? Coz ive almost developed a tumour trying to figure it out. :blink:

And with a 9 in 10 search rate success the no.1 returned Oscommerce forum hit:

"The administrator has enabled flood control - please try again in 30 seconds."


Never fails.


Every time.

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when you place a test order to check for the tax make sure the shipping address is covered by the tax zones. Now when you create the test account or when you change the address in the address book make sure the state is valid. The default osc has an edit box at least the first time and there are cases where the state is included as a plain text instead of using the zones table. (When a country has no zones assigned).


Something like that would explain this problem.

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