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Text Option Attribute Problem


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I have a store that has many personalized items so a TEXT option is a must! I had this site working perfectly for almost a full month with no problems.


I have installed the "Option Type Feature" and the "AJAX attribute manager" and they were working fine together. Now, when a customer goes to personalized their item with name, intials or whatever, it shows up on the screen and on the confirmation page but it doesn't show up on their confirmation email or more importantly, on the orders page in admin. So now if a customer personalizes something, the store owner has to call and get the information.


(The only change I have made is uploading a contribution that adds a "Order in Holding" in the database so I can process orders when people fail to click continue after submitting their credit card. Not sure if that is the best way to solve that problem though.)


Any help would of course be greatly appreciated!! I've been searching high and low for anything close but no luck!




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The the held_orders table and/or the held_orders.php script needs to be updated to contain the customized attributes.


In addition, the checkout_process.php script needs to be updated for the same thing.

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