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Help with table widths please


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Please can someone tell me what the problem is here http://homemadesausages.co.uk/catalog/

If you view the main page the width is approx 900, however if you try any other pages they revert to 800 width.

I have installed center shop v3.0 and it's set to 800 width.

If I increase the width over 900 in center shop all the pages view the same size ok.

All the searches I've done here haven't come up with an answer.




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Have you tried setting the width to 100% insted of 900 px if you can use % insted of px the site should use the whole of the web page. plus if a user re-size the browser window the site will re-size as well.

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Hi, thanks for your reply i don't think i've explained my question clearly.

I want to set my site to display in 800 width by using center shop, however my main page is displaying in 900 and the rest of the pages in 800?

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I've narrowed down the problem a little, I had changed the infobox size from 125 to 175. I changed the infobox size back to 125 and all the pages display at 800.

Can someone tell me why the main page changes when I increase the size of the infoboxes but not the other pages?

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