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No images showing on a clean install


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Bare with me as this isnt your usual no image problem and i have searched this forum and tried different things for 2 days to try to fix it but to no avail.


I have my own server, with another site on it (i cant realy give out the url for it here as its a torrent tracker)


I have not got a domain name for the shop yet, as tbh im not even sure what i want to sell, never mind thought of a name for the shop yet.


anyway the tracker and the shop are in 2 different folders, and the tracker is in the folder with the domain, the shop isnt so i have to go to




I even installed the PHP Nuke Multi-Shop Portal to http://mydomain.net/~stoi/portal and the images on that work fine, its only the shop (which is installed in the same db as the multishop portal) that wont display any images.


I right click an image, select properties and it is pointing to the correct folders on the server, i open in new tab in firefox and it says there is an error with the image.


In IE there is just a white page, nothing shows at all, in firefox everything shows fine apart from the images.


If you want to take a look then PM me, i dont want to get banned for advertising a torrent tracker on here in my first post. but ttytt i am completely stumped, as is my expert in PHP and webdesign who works on the tracker.


if there is anything else you need to know please let me know and i will try to update you. but in a nutshell.


Images point to correct place on server

Stylesheet is fine (i think)

register globals are off (but i have installed the mod for that) and even when they were on in htaccess they still didnt show)

sessions are set to files in the htaccess, its set to memory on the server for the tracker

and still no images show at all.

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