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The e-commerce.

Fed up, changes will not work


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i have no knowledge of oscommerce whatsoever, i purchased the basic website and added my own products.

then the company i got the site from suspended my account over a payment being 2 days late.

when i resolved this with them and got the site up and running, it do not work the same as before.


when you click enlarge image nothing happens

also i copied & pasted how to fix this, and i only changed one thing on products-info.php and now

when you press the buy now button and it goes to the product information, the page is now blank

also i had three images on my front page which are no longer there.



i want to change my business and go into something else as i have no funds available to me.

i set up the website with about ?50 pounds, so im looking into a business with no initial outlay of cash.

I need to work from home as im a devorced mother of 4 children and cannot afford expensive child care.

That is why im so fed up with the problems on the site.

I want to change the site's name where it says 'Apassion4toys' but i dont know how to do that either, i know that the logo was designed and put on to the site for me and i had to pay for that, but is there anyone who can guide me how to change this my self.


or would it be best to contact these people again and pay for the changes.


any help would be much appreciated , in simple text please.

As i said before ive do not have a clue about coding.


kind regards



My Webpage

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Alert: adult content!

Yes it is adult content, but i am no longer running this project, i only set it up as a favour to a friend.

i do not wish to offend anyone, i only put the web address down so people could see the problems i was having with the site.

I want to set up a bridal site.

A guide for brides to use, as i said before, everything as got to go including the name and all the pictures.

i want to start changes straight away but do not even know where to go to change the name(logo).

i know i can delete the cataloge items but i still have other problems with the site..


And as i said, sorry to offend anyone, if you do not wish to look at the site please do not, im not selling anything, it is not a plug for customers as i no longer run this.


i just wnat to set up a nice normal wedding site.



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Personally no offence taken, but there are people who rather not see this or do not want to be seen seeing this in the presence of their colleagues, kids or family in general. So its prudent to warn people of its content.


So if like you said you setup this site for a friend than you should know your way around osC, but if I am mistaken this forum will contain 99.9% of answers to your questions. A good start is http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showforum=12 and in particular vger's http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?s=&...ndpost&p=665297 and posts thereafter.


If you cannot find what you're after, no matter your circumstances, background or bank balance, people will try and help you.

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Thank you for your reply

you have been most helpful, i do not have any oscommerce experiance at all, it cost me ?50 to set up, which i then passed on the cost to my friend as it was her idea.

Not many orders came in and as a result i told my friend and she agreed that i was going to shut it down.


i have tried looking for the answers on the knowledge base and it was something i copied and pasted from this

'click to enlarge'

that has messed the site up.


when i clicked on the images they did not work so i thought there might be something wrong with the code so i copied and pasted it onto the product_info.php then saved it.

now the product information do not show up any more.


if i could find the right help then i would not be posting, ive done a search on google as well and that did not help.

I have deleted all the content of my site now, so people can look without being offended.


Kind regards



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how to change a logo has been dealt with over and over again. Especially in the forum I have pointed you to. Also how to make a backup of your site before you make any changes in case things go (horribly) wrong - as happened in your case. My suggestion to you personally is to count your losses and have someone do it for you. The ?50 you quoted is actually quite cheap, but make a list with all the things you would like to see changed i.e. an agreed work list. In the mean time, look into online / 'offline' advertising to draw customers to your site-to-be. The sooner you have your shop up and running the quicker you get a return on your initial ?50 investment.

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