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The e-commerce.

Some advice please...


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Hi. I have just discovered osCommerce, so I'm as new as they get. Currenty I am using a cart written in ASP. The thing I like about it is that it is completely customizable. When I first got it, it was pretty raw and, other than your basic cart functions, pretty unfinished. In time, I have added other functionalities and made it so I can incorporate the code into just about any page template.


The bad thing is that I still have much to do to make it as robust as this cart and I am tied to Microsoft servers, unless I get some mod for Apache. I don't know any PHP programming, but am willing to learn to use this application.


I guess my question is, is osCommerce completely customizable? Can I reprogram parts or add other pages as I see fit? With the ASP cart I would rearrange the programming and database to create an entirely different application, or just use parts of it, like the log on scheme, to reuse code and accomplish just one simple task that wasn't even related to the cart. Can things like that be done with osCommerce?

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I am not an advanced user, but you can customize it as long as you know php. you can manipulate it if you know a little about php, but it is pretty deep. If you want something different, you have to look for a contribution mod if you can't write php yourself. Not being an expert with php, it takes about half a day to 3/4 a day installing/customizing a new mod. There are 85% of the time, an issue installing, but you can work them out.

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