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Points limit

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Hi all, I hope you can help me and I hope even more that this hasnt already be discussed - Ive looked, but I cant even find my own messages here sometimes :blush: , Anyways.


Take it easy on me, this is my first shop and much of what I am doing is new to me.


This great contribution looks ideal for my shop and it appeared to install like a charm (v1.60) - no errors etc (Although I was initially confused by the installer, but I took a guess and hit jackpot)


I configured the points system in admin as below:


Enable Points System: TRUE

Enable Redeptions system: TRUE

Points per ?1.00 purchase: 1

The value of 1 point when redeemed: 0.1

Autocredit points: FALSE

Award points for shipping: FALSE

Award points for tax: FALSE

Award points for specials: TRUE

Award points for order with redeemed points: TRUE

Enable points restriction: FALSE

Enable products price restriction: FALSE

Limit points before redemption: 250

Limit points to be used per order: 1000

Limit points redemption to exact amount: FALSE

Restrict points redemption for minimum purchase amount: 25

New signup customers welcome points: 50


The points system seems to total up fine as I buy products etc but the point limits are being ignored at the checkout.


Currently I have made an order totalling ?6.60 (less than the ?25 limit) and my stored points are 9.7 (less then the 250 limit) but the option to use my points is still being displayed in the checkout_payment page.


I tried changing the ?25 limit from 25 to 25.00 to 2500 with no change.


I have checked over the code and everything is inserted as the installation text as far as I can see. I have double checked the checkout_payments.php and everything is good there.


I have few contributions installed like xsell & paypal_ipn etc, but the primary addition that I think has the potential to be causing a problem is: Configuration Cache v1.30


Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I should look (not thats I will know what I am looking for) to solve this problem ?


Thanks in advance for your patients and help,

Steven :blink:

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After a few other issues where my admin seemed to be getting ignored I disabled the Configuration Cache contribution and this and other contrubutions fired up.


There seems to be a problem with either my web space allowing the cache file to be updated or general weirdness with the contribution.


But anyway,


All sorted! :thumbsup:

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