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Textbox for Attribute?


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Hello Everyone, :)

Is there a contruibution or some sort of easier solution to allow users input on certain products(services) which would change the price of a product(service) in the shopping cart. What I am trying to do is provide a pick up and drop off service. Every service will depend on a weight that we have to pick up. I've tried to mess arround with an attributes however there are about 7-8 services and weight in puonds can varry so much that it would literally take 200 or more instances of attribute for every service. I've also thought about changing quantity box in shopping_cart.php to Lb. that would multiply weight and the base price of a service. However, If I add an attribute to a service, for instence (Next day delivery +$5.00) that would multiply the base service of $1.20 plus and attribute $5.00 times the weight. Here is visual of what I am talking about.


Service 1

Base price: $1.20

Attribute 1: $5.00

Weight: Customer Specified (anywhere from 10 lb to 200lb)

$1.20 + $5.00 x weight

As you can see this wouldn't work for me.

What I am trying to get is:

$1.20 x weight + $5.00 :(


Can any one advise a simpler solution to a problem or maybe redirect me to a contribution that already does that? :blink:

Thank you.

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