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sending invoices to customers


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I might have missed this topic .. during my search in this site and documentation. I do applogise if it is the case... but somehow I cannot find how I can send invoices to customer. .through email. Or simply there is not such option.. and I had to do that manually.. somehow. I am using paypal.. and they do send payment confirmation. I think if i can use invoices included in oscommerce I might be able to send invoices for those who chose to pay on delivery... or use this as order confirmation to specify what customer have ordered.


I know paypal sends confirmation of payments .. but they do only send total amount. I had problem a bit with setting ( as i am still very new to this wonderful Oscommerce) freight charges as they were so many options based on zone in Australia. So I chosen not perfect but shortcut to assign it under options available to each product.... took me a while.. but at least it works and make sure the client will chose shipping charges. May be it is another way..but it was the best i could do with my limited knowledge at this time.


So thought I might send invoices.. if i change wording to Order confirmation or payment.. I can send them to client... but Honestly.. had no clue.. how. I know i can print it.. but how to send them through email no clue....I might create pdf from .. and then send it as attachement.. but is it any other way..


Please would appreciate help. If i missed and was the anwser in this forum.. I do appologise.. I have really research.. for one.. but some topic were so advanced I could not understand what it was all about.

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I did not clarfy that I meant not html version to send to client.. as of course you can email from browser ...So my question was if it is posssible to send invoice in other than html format.. I can see this question might look silly without claryfication.

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