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Would like CC Expires to show on Extra Order Info


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Hi all


I am not great with php but am learning as I go


I would like to have the customers Credit Card Expiry date and the CVV2 number to show on the Extra Order Info page along with the middle numbers.


I have this coming through on Extra Order Info


Order #1203


Middle: 12345678




CVV Security Code:



but I can not work out the code for the data to to be inserted next to the last two lines.


Any help would be welcome.

No rush. This is not life or death.


Have a great day. :D

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I have succeeded in puzzling through this very thing this morning. I now have mine set up to send me the whole credit card number on one extra email and the expiration date and cvv code on a 2nd one. Anyone see any potential security problem with this? My current system just sends me everything on the order form, and I've been okay with that for years. Guess no one's watching and waiting for us.


What I do need is the way to make the CVV code box a required box to fill in. Anyone?



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would be nice to see the solution you found to include the info in the 2nd email [taking for granted that you refer to the extra info email] - thanks much


Since OSCommerce seems to frown on the whole idea, I'm not going to put the page here. If you want me to privately send you the page I did, I can - it is includes/modules/payment/cc.php - but I no longer remember exactly what I did (like, did I create another field on the page?) and there are other modifications on my page that may not work with your pages. It is set up so when an order comes through, I get the regular order information email; an extra order email with the middle numbers, the CVV numbers, and the expiration date; and a 2nd extra order email with the full credit card number. In this way, I can delete all credit card information as soon as the order is entered here rather than storing it in my messages.



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