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Username and Password logging in


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Hello everyone,


I believe what I am looking for is fairly simple and there has to be a million contributions or some easy programming to get it in. However, I don't even know where to beging to look for exactly what I am looking for.


I have a section of my website that is username and password protected. I upload a ".htpasswd" file into my root domain directory that has the usernames and passwords (the passwords are encrypted from some tool online). So when someone tries to access the page that requires a username and password they are prompted to input a username and password. Notice how I said prompted and didn't say that it took them to a different page.


Now this has been working great, other than the fact that I can't track who has logged in and when. I would really like to know this information because I manually set people up with usernames and passwords and it will give me the opportunity to follow up if they indeed did login or follow up with them to help them login.


I am looking for something EXTREMELY simple. Nothing complex, no huge accounts with their name, phone number, etc. Just something simple where I can manually add a username and password, give to the person, they access the site, put in their username and password, and then I have a log of who and when people logged in.


Any ideas? :)

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