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Retail POS and oscommerce


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I recently opened a brick and mortar retail hobby shop and I would like to get setup to display and sale my store inventory online as well as in the store. I have searched through the forum for an answer and have come to no good solution.


The things that I need are:


An easy to use POS system for the retail store that can work without a internet connection.

Must sync with OSC when something is sold in the store and vice versa


I have looked at turbocash and was not impressed.


I am open to switch to any POS that works for this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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There has to be someone else reading this that has delt with this problem.


I need something PC based to run in the store and link with the oscommerce database when something is sold. That way I won't sell something online that has just been sold in the store.


I cannot have a web based POS, i do not trust Qwest that much. Some times internet service is patchy at best.

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Without actually having your own local server located in your store, I don't know how you would do that. I use a POS with OSC, but I keep inventory seperate. I have a certain number of items set aside for online and the rest is in the store.

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Having 2 seperate inventories is what i am trying to avoid. That way I can put everything on the florr ready to sell both online and offline. This gives me a larger sales base on both sides.


If someone buys something online it would basically email the shop and tell them to remove it from the floor to be shipped later. If someone buys it in the shop it would need to update the oscommerce database removing that item quantity from instock status. That way I would run into the fewest problems of selling something i dont have.


When I receive more inventory at the shop it would need to also update the online store to show more of that product.


This is where the problem would come. I need something that I can do the update.

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I have been designing POS software for over 15 years, and there is no solution to your problem.


Think of the scenario where both the b&m (brick and mortar) and on-line share the same inventory file: Store inventory and web inventory show qty. 1 of item A


Customer on website sees qty. 1 of item A and places it in the shopping cart. Sale not complete yet, still shopping on-line.


Customer in b&m picks up item A from shelf and browses in store for more items to buy.


Store customer goes to cashier and pays for item at the same time on-line customer clicks to complete the transaction. The server reduces the, qty. to 0 and the store customer pays for the item. The server tries to reduce the item count also, but it's already 0.


You can't lock the record for item A because neither the on-line or b&m customer had not yet purchased it. If you do lock it from the on-line customer, how is the b&m customer going to know? Technically it's still available because the b&m customer didn't pay for it yet, and he can still put it back on the shelf before buying it.

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That is true however i dont see that becoming a that big of a problem since my store is not that big. It is possible that i might run into this problem on an occassional basis, I am just trying to keep it from happening a lot.


I just need to update online information when I add inventory. And notify the store when some thing is sold online.


I have found a product, SynPOS, I am going to give it a try over the next few days to see how it works.

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  • 1 year later...

>>I have found a product, SynPOS, I am going to give it a try over the next few days to see how it works.<<


Hi Corey,


I know this post is over a year old but I was wondering how your testing with SynPOS went. I've been searching for a reasonably/cheaply priced POS that will integrate with OsCommerce for a virtual location and B&M location without consistent internet service. SynPOS seems like it's perfect for my needs but I can't find documentation anywhere online for configuring it so that I can properly test it before going live.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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I stumbled across this. Don't know anything about it, but I've been researching the same idea.

Right now, I have a computer next to the main register set to check email every 2 mins. It chimes when an order comes through and we enter it right away. I know this isn't as efficient, but so far no problems.




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