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Too many download links for downloadable product


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Does anybody know what would cause this:




I don't want 2 boxes that show download links. The one with 0 downloads remaining shouldn't be there. I'm using Downloads Controller v5.3 and Paypal Website Payments Pro v7.3. I have other contributions installed, but I doubt any of them are affecting this.


The 2 boxes appear in both account information and checkout.


I've looked over account_history_info.php and checkout_success.php, and they both seem to generate the download link from downloads.php, but that file looks ok too. I know I'm missing something obvious, but I can't figure it out.

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:D Nevermind! I fixed it. Turns out it was the Add Weight to Product Attributes v0.2 contribution. I uninstalled that and removed the field from the database, and the download works fine now. That contribution seemed buggy anyway; it never really calculated the weight correctly for multiple orders of the same product.


Now I just need to find another way to make the same product have different weight options. But I'm happy. The downloads are a much bigger part of my sales. :thumbsup:

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