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how do i install contrbutions?


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Download the contribution from the contribution section (see Community menu above) and follow the instructions included with the contribution. Backup your site beforehand.



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how do i install contrbutions? specifaclly the pickup and the purchase without account one


Hey GRut98034,


If you truly have no clue at all of contributions, you might start by downloading the contribution, and reading whatever there is to read about it.


Usually, or at least often, there is a link somewhere in either a readme. or install file, to a help forum concerning the contribution.


Even if you do have a clue, you pretty much have to be willing to do the reading, research necessary to gain more of a clue - so, if you don't have a clue, you could be in for a lot of reading & research!


There is a tremendous amount of help available in the forums. A tip though - people seem to be more readily willing to help out when they have the sense that you have done all you can do yourself, first.


G'Luck and Regards,



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