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The e-commerce.

osCommerce database corrupt ?


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The osCommerce installation is performing like it is corrupt. Here is an example of an email received from a registered user:


My name is *** and i orderd cattle boyz original bbq sauce not honey hot

bbq sause or even the hot sauce and i also payed with my master card not a

money order that witch the reciept say's and now i just got an e-mail

about my order and every thing about the order i made is wrong along with

the billing adress. my billing adress was suspose to be sent to ***

not MR. Ford i don't even know whomb he is? any way get it right

pleas and thank you this is the first time buying you cattel boyz



This started with paypal orders going berserk. When someone would order using paypal the last order's customers details would show on the order. Now all areas of orders are messy.


I am taking over looking after this store from someone else. If you have any solutions or have seen this before I would very much appreciate learning of this.


I am hoping that I do not have to do a reinstall.


Thanks ahead of time for any input you can give on this.

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check your osc admin->Configuration->Sessions->Prevent Spider Sessions. If it's left to false it could explain some of these problems you're seeing. Switch it to true and implement something like the session regeneration contribution.

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