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Replacing oscommerce.gif in header.php


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According to the customization instructions, I can change the oscommerce.gif that appears in the top left section of my store by going into includes/header.php and changing oscommerce.gif to my file name and it should replace the oscommerce logo. I tried it and it doesn't. I have uploaded my logo image to the images directory, changed the header.php file to reflect the name of my logo and it still pulls in the oscommerce logo. When I remove the oscommerce.gif logo from the images folder and have my filename in header.php, it just shows the broken image box for the oscommerce logo.


I can't just rename my logo oscommerce.gif because my logo has photographic images that degrade horribly as a gif. I tried it and it looks awful.


Can someone offer up some advice?


Thanks, Kimber

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The image should be in catalog/images


Maybe you accidentally put it in another 'images' folder?


I have double checked to make sure that I have put it in the catalog/images folder. If I put catalog_heading.jpg (the name of my logo file) in the header.php file and make sure that the image is in the catalog/images folder and DON'T remove the oscommerce.gif image it still shows the oscommerce.gif image. When I do view source for the source code for the page, it shows <img src="images/oscommerce.gif"> but on the server, the header.php page shows tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'catalog_heading.jpg', .... but it doesn't show up!


Is there another place that I need to put my filename?


AAUGH, Kimber

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