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Some product download questions...


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I have a few questions regarding product downloads:


When someone buys a download product, I'm assuming that once the product has been paid for (I'm going to be using PayPal), a temporary page is opened up from which the customer can download their product. Is that correct? And is the customer also sent an e-mail that contains a link to the temp page where they can try a few more times to download their product if their original attempt fails?


I'm wondering, if an e-mail is sent to the customer, where the e-mail address is sourced from. Does it come from the information collected by PayPal or does it come from the information collected when a customer creates an account within the osCommerce Shopping Cart?


I'd really prefer not to have customers create an account. But is it necessary if you are selling downloadable products to have customers create an account so they can be sent an e-mail with a link to the temporary download page? or could that e-mail address be collected from PayPal's info.


I've already created product pages and would prefer configuring a link that would take them directly to the checkout page if possible. I don't really require any of the other pages that are created by the osCommerce Shopping Cart. All I would like to do is have the checkout page operate as a bridge between my site and PayPal (of course, I want osCommerce to facilitate the delivery of the downloadable products). Any ideas here? Because I'm pretty clueless as to the best way to handle this.


I know there is an add-on that gives customers the option of creating an account or not; but is there a way to bypass or eliminate the account option altogether?


Thanks for your help (I really need it),



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