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Sporadic Cart Issue


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I noticed a disturbing bug on our site yesterday where if you add a product to your cart sometimes it just fails and takes you to the cart and states 'There are no products in your cart!' I've tried several different ways to reproduce this error but clearing cache, removing cookies, different computer, resetting router (incase of odd cache issues), etc.. I can't identify any sort of pattern but yet i had it happen twice to me last night.


I haven't installed any recent contributions, but if tried to list the ones currently installed i'd need a week to figure out how many different contributions we've installed. :blink:


Anyway, for safety sake i checked all database tables in phpmyadmin and all tables are OK. So hopefully we're not looking at some database issue.


Has anyone else experienced an issue like this or have any ideas on where to look?





- RJ

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Change your browser settings to block all cookies and then check the links of the page (start with home catalog page) see if the session id is appended to each link. There is a contribution I think available for testing the links of the site or you could also use some web-sites which test links in particular and display them.


If you see the oscsid missing from an interna link it will be the reason of this problem. Find the link and use the tep_href_link function intstead of hard-coding the url.

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